Cardboard Palm (Zamia Furfuracea)

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Growing Zone: 9-11
Growing Zone: 9-11 Outdoors

Plant Specifications

Plant Name Cardboard Palm (Zamia Furfuracea)
Mature Height 3-4 feet
Mature Width 3-4 feet
Spacing 3-4 feet apart
Sunlight Full to Partial Sun
Temperature Tolerance 30-80°F
Watering Needs Moderate (Once a week)
Growth Rate 10 inches/year
Difficulty Level Easy
Grows Well Indoors Yes, with indirect sunlight
Flowering Time Spring to early summer
Origin Native to South America
The Cardboard Palm (Zamia Furfuracea) is a captivating, prehistoric plant that brings an exotic and ancient vibe to any setting. With its thick, leathery leaves that have a unique, olive-green hue and a texture resembling cardboard, this plant is a fascinating addition to any collection.

How to Grow
The Cardboard Palm thrives in bright, indirect light but can adapt to lower light conditions, making it versatile for indoor environments. It prefers well-draining soil and should only be watered when the top inch of the soil has dried out. Overwatering should be avoided to prevent root rot. During the winter, reduce watering to minimize the risk of over-saturation.

Care Tips
For optimal growth, fertilize the Cardboard Palm with a balanced, slow-release fertilizer every 2-3 months during the growing season. This plant requires minimal pruning; only remove old or yellowed leaves to maintain its appearance.

The Cardboard Palm is an excellent choice for adding a touch of the tropics to indoor spaces. It can be used as an intriguing focal point in a room or paired with other tropical and succulent plants to create a diverse, textured garden display.

Planting Tips
When potting your Cardboard Palm, select a container with adequate drainage holes to prevent water accumulation. Incorporate a layer of gravel or pebbles at the bottom to enhance drainage further. Plant it in a potting mix designed for succulents or palms to ensure proper soil conditions.

Keep the leaves of your Cardboard Palm clean and dust-free by gently wiping them with a damp cloth. This not only improves the plant's appearance but also helps it to photosynthesize more efficiently.

Pests and Diseases
The Cardboard Palm is generally robust and disease-resistant. However, it can occasionally be affected by scale insects or mealybugs. Inspect the plant regularly and treat with insecticidal soap or neem oil if pests are detected. Ensure the plant is not overwatered to avoid root rot.

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