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Packaged Damaged In Transportation

Dear Valued Customer,

We're truly sorry about the trouble with your order. Before we go any further, it's important to know that our deliveries are handled by third-party services, usually UPS or FedEx. If your package was damaged during transportation, it's something out of our hands because we don't control how they handle packages. However, we understand how frustrating this can be. At Plantology, making sure our customers are happy is our top priority. We're here to help, even if the damage wasn't directly our fault.

Step 1: Photos We Need

To help us fix the issue, we need some photos. If you have more than one damaged package, please do this for each one:

  • Photo 1: The damaged plant inside the box.
  • Photo 2: How we packed it inside.
  • Photo 3: The damaged plant outside the box.
  • Photo 4: The shipping label on the box with tracking number.
  • Photo 5: The top of the box.
  • Photo 6: One side of the box.
  • Photo 7: The other side of the box.
  • Photo 8: The bottom of the box.
  • Photo 9: Labeling on the box called "Box Manufacturer's Certificate", if available.

Step 2: Send The Photos

Please send these photos to

Step 3: Patience and Understanding

We know taking these photos is extra work for you. But they will help us help you faster. We're also talking to delivery companies to improve this in the future. Once we get the photos, we'll work quickly to make things right for you. However, if you can't provide the needed photos, it makes it hard for us to help. We need this documentation to address the issue properly.

Thank you for understanding. We'll be submitting a claim on your behalf to our logistics/shipping partner. Sometimes it takes a while to hear back from them, so your patience is very much appreciated. We truly value your trust in us.

Warm regards,

Plantology Team

FAQ & What to Expect

  • How soon will you fix this?
    We'll try to solve the problem in 3-5 days after getting the photos.
  • Will I get my money back or a new plant?
    We can either give you a refund or send a new plant. It's up to you and how bad the damage is.
  • What if I can't send all the photos?
    Send us as many as you can. The more we see, the faster we can help.
  • Why does resolving the issue take time?
    We will be submitting a claim to our shipping partner on your behalf. Shipping carriers sometimes take time to respond, so patience is key.

I Received the Wrong Plants

Dear Valued Customer,

We're sincerely sorry for the oversight. Mistakes can happen, and on rare occasions, shipping labels might get mixed up or the wrong items are sent out. It's not a frequent occurrence, but when it does happen, we understand the confusion and disappointment it can cause.

Step 1: Notify Us

If you've received the wrong plants, it's essential for us to get a clear understanding of the mistake to ensure it doesn't happen again and to rectify the situation promptly. Please follow these steps:

  • Email Us: Send an email to In the subject line, write "Order Number [YourOrderNumber] - Received Wrong Plants". Make sure to replace [YourOrderNumber] with your actual order number.
  • Include Photos: Attach clear photographs of the plants you received. This helps us identify the plants and understand the error.
  • Describe the Plants: Provide a brief description of each plant in the photos. If you can, compare it with what you ordered. For example, "I ordered a Bismarck Palm but received a Bird of Paradise."

This information will help us understand the error and ensure we send you the correct plants promptly.

Step 2: Keep or Share the Plants

No need to send back the plants you've mistakenly received. We hope you can find a use for them, share with a friend, or even compost them if they're not to your liking. We believe in reducing waste and hope these plants can find a home or purpose.

Step 3: We'll Make it Right

Rest assured, we will send you the correct plants without any additional charges. Our team will work promptly to ensure your correct order is on its way to you.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. Mistakes happen, but we're committed to making it right and ensuring you have a positive experience with Plantology.

Warm regards,

Plantology Team


  • Why did I receive the wrong plants?
    Sometimes errors happen, like shipping labels getting mixed up or wrong items being packaged. We apologize for the oversight and will correct it promptly.
  • Will I be charged for the replacement?
    No, you won't be charged. We'll send the correct plants to you free of charge.
  • What should I do with the plants I mistakenly received?
    You can keep them, share with a friend, or compost them. We hope they find a home or purpose, and we believe in reducing waste.

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