Y.T.T. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - (Brunfelsia Calycina)

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Growing Zone: 10-11
Growing Zone: 10-11 Outdoors

Plant Specifications

Plant Name Y.T.T. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow - (Brunfelsia Calycina)
Mature Height 3-4 feet
Mature Width 3-4 feet
Spacing 3-4 feet
Sunlight Full to Partial Sun
Temperature Tolerance 50-85°F
Watering Needs Moderate
Growth Rate Slow
Difficulty Level Easy
Grows Well Indoors No
Flowering Time Year-round
Origin South America

Introducing the enchanting Y.T.T. (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow) - a botanical wonder that adds a touch of magic to your garden. The Brunfelsia calycina, commonly known as Y.T.T., is a flowering shrub celebrated for its captivating blooms that change colors over time, symbolizing the progression of time in its very name.

Y.T.T. is available now to elevate your garden to new heights. With its exquisite blooms and easy-care nature, it's the perfect addition for both seasoned gardeners and those just starting their plant journey.

Blooming Seasons: Y.T.T. boasts clusters of fragrant flowers that change colors from purple to lavender and white, providing a visual spectacle throughout the seasons.

Delivery: We offer safe and efficient delivery, ensuring your Y.T.T. arrives in pristine condition, ready to flourish in its new home.

Make Y.T.T. a part of your garden, and witness the beauty of Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow unfold right before your eyes.



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