Red Epidendrum Ground Orchid (Epidendrum spp.)

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Growing Zone: 9-11
Growing Zone: 9-11 Outdoors

Plant Specifications

Plant Name Red Epidendrum Ground Orchid
Mature Height 1-3 feet
Mature Width 1-2 feet
Spacing 1-2 feet apart
Sunlight Partial Sun/Shade
Temperature Tolerance 60-80°F
Watering Needs Moderate (Once a week)
Growth Rate Slow
Difficulty Level Easy
Grows Well Indoors No
Flowering Time Late Spring to Early Summer
Origin Native to South America

Unveil the vibrant allure of the Red Epidendrum Ground Orchid (Epidendrum spp.). This striking orchid variety is cherished for its brilliant red blossoms that emerge on tall spikes, standing proudly above lush, grass-like foliage, offering a burst of tropical color to any setting.


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How to Grow

The Red Epidendrum Ground Orchid thrives in partial to full sunlight. It prefers well-draining soil that's kept consistently moist but not waterlogged. Ideally suited for USDA zones 10-11, this orchid is both cold-sensitive and heat-tolerant, reflecting its tropical origins.

Care Tips

Water the orchid regularly, ensuring the soil remains moist but avoiding over-saturation. Given its tropical roots, it appreciates higher humidity levels. Feed the plant with a balanced orchid fertilizer every two to four weeks during its active growing season to support vibrant blooms.


The vivacious blooms of the Red Epidendrum Ground Orchid make it a standout choice for borders, container gardens, or as a standalone specimen. Its radiant blossoms serve as a focal point, evoking the essence of tropical paradises.

Planting Tips

When planting, choose a location with good drainage to prevent root rot. If using a container, ensure it has ample drainage holes. For soil, a mix designed specifically for orchids or a combination of potting soil and perlite works well. Position the plant so its roots are covered but the stem remains above the soil line.


Regularly inspect the foliage and remove any yellowing or damaged leaves to keep the orchid looking its best. If the plant becomes too dense or overgrown, consider dividing it in the spring to promote healthier growth.

Pests and Diseases

Monitor for pests like aphids, spider mites, or scale. These can be managed with insecticidal soaps or horticultural oils. Proper watering and ensuring good air circulation can prevent fungal and bacterial diseases.

Note: The Red Epidendrum Ground Orchid is not only a visual delight but is also relatively easy to care for, making it a favorite for both novice and experienced gardeners seeking a touch of the tropics in their gardens.



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