Wart Fern, Monarch Fern (Microsorum Scolopendrium)

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Growing Zone: 8-11

Growing Zone: 8-11 Outdoors

Plant Specifications

Plant Name Wart Fern, Monarch Fern (Microsorum Scolopendrium)
Mature Height 1-2 feet
Mature Width 1-2 feet
Spacing 1-2 feet apart
Sunlight Partial Sun/Shade
Temperature Tolerance 60-80°F
Watering Needs Low (Once a week)
Growth Rate Slow (2-4 inches/year)
Difficulty Level Easy
Grows Well Indoors Yes
Flowering Time None
Origin Native to Australia and New Zealand

Delve into the verdant beauty of the Microsorum Scolopendrium, also known as the Wart Fern or Monarch Fern. This distinctive fern captivates with its lustrous, elongated fronds, which are accentuated with intriguing, wart-like protrusions, giving it a unique tactile appeal.

How to Grow

This fern flourishes in areas with partial to full shade, making it a perfect fit for understory gardens or spaces with indirect light. It thrives in consistently moist, well-draining soil, enriched with organic components. Perfectly suited for USDA zones 9-11, the Wart Fern is a lover of humid atmospheres, echoing its tropical origins.


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Care Tips

Water the Wart Fern regularly, ensuring the soil remains damp but not soggy. Its tropical nature means it appreciates higher humidity levels. If indoors, consider misting the plant occasionally or place it atop a tray filled with water and pebbles to maintain the desired humidity.


The unique texture of the Microsorum Scolopendrium's fronds makes it a standout addition to terrariums, shaded gardens, and indoor plant collections. Its intricate details and lush green hues provide a refreshing touch of nature to any setting.

Planting Tips

When potting, opt for a container that offers good drainage. Fill it with a potting mix rich in organic matter, ensuring the fern's roots are well-anchored but not buried too deeply. For outdoor plantings, choose a location shielded from direct sunlight and harsh winds to protect the fern's delicate fronds.


Regularly prune away any yellowing or damaged fronds to encourage fresh growth and maintain the plant's aesthetic appeal. As it matures, consider repotting the fern into a larger container to support its expanding root system.

Pests and Diseases

Be on the lookout for pests such as aphids or spider mites. Address any issues using insecticidal soaps or neem oil. Proper watering and ensuring adequate air circulation will help ward off fungal infections or potential root rot.

Note: While the Wart Fern is a visual delight, always exercise caution and keep it out of reach from pets and children. Some fern varieties can be harmful if consumed.



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