Dumbcane (Dieffenbachia 'Panther')

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Growing Zone: 9-11
Growing Zone: 9-11 Outdoors

Plant Specifications

Plant Name Dumbcane (Dieffenbachia seguine)
Mature Height 3-6 feet
Mature Width 2-3 feet
Spacing 2-3 feet apart
Sunlight Indirect Light
Temperature Tolerance 60-85°F
Watering Needs Medium (every 1-2 weeks)
Growth Rate Slow
Difficulty Level Easy
Grows Well Indoors Yes
Flowering Time Late spring to early summer
Origin Native to the Caribbean

Presenting the captivating Dieffenbachia 'Panther', more commonly known as Dumbcane. This tropical perennial stands out with its large, lustrous leaves splashed with varying shades of green, making it a favorite for both indoor and outdoor plant enthusiasts.

How to Grow

The Dumbcane thrives in bright, indirect light but can tolerate lower light conditions, making it a versatile choice for many spaces. It's best cultivated in well-draining soil and, when potting, ensure the container has proper drainage holes. While it's primarily an indoor plant, it can be grown outdoors in USDA zones 10-12.

Care Tips

Water the Dumbcane when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. It's vital to avoid over-watering, as this can lead to root rot. For optimal growth and leaf vibrancy, maintain a humid environment, especially if the plant is indoors. Misting or placing on a humidity tray can help achieve this.


With its striking foliage, the Dieffenbachia 'Panther' serves as an excellent focal point or background plant in home decor. Its tall growth habit and lush leaves make it an ideal choice for hallways, living rooms, or offices.

Planting Tips

When potting, choose a container slightly larger than its current one to accommodate growth. Mix in some perlite or sand with potting soil to enhance drainage. If planting outdoors, ensure it's in a shaded or semi-shaded spot protected from direct afternoon sun.


Periodically clean the leaves with a damp cloth to remove dust. This not only keeps the plant looking fresh but also allows for better photosynthesis. Prune away any yellow or damaged leaves to encourage new growth.

Pests and Diseases

Keep an eye out for pests like aphids, mealybugs, and spider mites. These can be managed with insecticidal soaps or by introducing natural predators like ladybugs. Ensure the plant isn't sitting in water and has good air circulation to minimize the risk of fungal diseases.

Note: Dieffenbachia contains a toxin that can cause mouth and throat irritation if ingested. It's advisable to keep it away from pets and children and handle with care.



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